A falling brick at midnight

7 March, 2010 at 02:17

A new After Effects piece, its both very new and quite old. I started working on this with my friend, Jasper who challenged me to make something floating, I have been messing around with that for ages, but now I have ended up with the opposite, a falling brick! It is techincally quite intricate, so I though I could perhaps sell a tutorial to aetuts, but it will still be free don’t worry. If they don’t want I’ll make it anyway just as a raggedclown.net special. Took some texture photographs for it today, that was quite fun and I think they added to the piece, which I made today, took me a good eight hours or so.  Notice the sexy bump mapping curtsey of this tutorial. Footage to be added as soon as I am out of the vimeo cue..

Falling brick at midnight from Fiets pomp on Vimeo.